Pavol Hejný

Hi I am Pavol.

I am co-founder of a platform for teachers, H-Edu; when the quarantine on March 2020 began, he founded an online virtual board He worked on several projects of the Czech Ornithological Society(Česká společnost ornitologická) and in the past, he also developed his online game Towns.

In terms of community, he has organized several conferences. For example, in autumn 2019, he organized the He co-organized some hackathons like Educational hackathon or Startup Weekends in Prague.

At the same time, he participated in many events and startup competitions as a mentor and a jury.

He has spoken at many conferences such as DevConf, LinuxDays, OpenAlt, Czech VR Fest, + many other meetups like Frontendisti,, Jobs Dev, etc.

He has an overview of what is happening in the Czech Republic for IT & startup events. That’s why he is sending out a regular monthly email about the most exciting events at

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Some projects I have worked on:
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I am open to pull requests, feedback, and suggestions. Or if you like this utility, you can ☕ buy me a coffee or donate via cryptocurrencies.

You can also ⭐ star the hejny package, follow me on GitHub or various other social networks.

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